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Touchless Faucet Buying Guide

Touchless faucets range from $40 to over $500.  Which one should you buy?  Hopefully, I can answer some of those questions for you. 

First off, what why should you even consider getting a touchless faucet?  A number of reasons include:
  • Convenient - Good for those times when your hands are dirty, soapy, etc.
  • Safe - Handles are one of the dirtiest places in a house.  Helps prevent the spread of germs.
  • Automatic temperature and flow control.
  • Green - Saves money and water.
If you want a cheap touchless faucet, you can get them for around $40.  The iTouchless EZ Faucet Pro is only $39.99 and has a nice look to it.  It has a override button so you can keep the water running which is a must for washing the dishes.  It is also easy to install as it attaches to your current faucet eliminating the need for a plumber.  However, with a low price, you run the risk of the faucet being less reliable.  According to reviews online, this faucet has had problems lasting a long time.

iTouchless EZ Faucet

See a video of it in action on the cool faucets page.

Summary for low cost touchless faucets:
  • Provides all basic benefits
  • Easy to install
  • Lower quality

Add a few hundred dollars and you start getting into the more fancy faucets with either more style, features, or both.  The AutoFaucet from Sams Club is obtainable for about $288 and is touch free as well as trouble free.  One problem you may have experienced with other touchless faucets is that your hands have to be in front of the sensor at a certain spot to turn it on.  The AutoFaucet fixes that problem by using a surround sensor instead of an infrared sensor so the faucet will turn on with your hands at any position.  The sensing zone guarantees it will turn on every time. 

In this price range, you will be able to get better materials as well such as solid brass with polished brass or nickel finishes.

Summary for mid-priced faucets:
  • Better sensors available
  • Real faucet, not an attachment
  • Higher quality plumbing and materials
Tack on another couple hundred of dollars to the price and now you are looking at brand name quality touchless faucets.  These can go up to almost a thousand dollars depending on the finishing material.  One faucet in this category is the Touchless Wellspring faucets by KOHLER.  It has a contemporary design and uses advance sensing technology for accurate functionality.  Click the link and you can watch a video of the Wellspring Touchless Faucet

Summary for high-priced touchless faucets:
  • Brand name faucets
  • Caters more toward style and design.

If you are just looking for looking for the touchless feature only for convenience, a cheaper model may work for you.  I would recommend getting a mid-priced touchless faucet because they are higher quality and look nicer.  Only buy the expensive ones if style matters to you and you can afford it!
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